【Official】Shimabara Toyo Parkside Hotel

The base of your journey standing beside a green park where trees stand forest

【Good location】Shimabara City the center of Shimabara City, close to sightseeing spots such as Shimabara Castle

【Good access】3 minutes walk from the station, 5 minutes drive from the port

【For both business and sightseeing】From the no meal plan, the breakfast plan at the restaurant is also

【Free Wi-Fi】Fully equipped throughout the facility

【Non-smoking Room/Smoking Room】Newly established to meet your needs! Please be comfortable

✨2023.6.15 Renewal OPEN✨

  • Telephone reservations and online reservations for accommodation will start from June 15!

    🔴All guest rooms, lobby, and restaurant have been completely renovated!
    🔴 Newly installed 2 new coin laundry machines (washer/dryer)!
    🔴A smoking room has been added due to many requests!

    💁‍<We look forward to using it!

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Information on affiliated hotels

  • Shimabara Toyo City Hotel

    Shimabara hotel close to Shimabara Port Station and Shimabara Port. It is 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
    We have many guest room types, including single, double, twin, DX twin, and Japanese-style rooms.
    You can choose either non-smoking room or smoking room.
  • Toyo Tsukumo Bay Hotel

    Hotel close to Shimabara Port. It is 5 minutes by car from the hotel.
    We are proud of our kaiseki cuisine that uses the fruits of the sea and mountains, the spectacular view, and the fresh sea view open-air bath.
    We accept various events such as banquets, dinner parties, ceremonies, memorial services, conferences, student groups, etc.

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