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Accommodation Features·Facility

In-house drawing

Hotel Facilities

The common department in this facility is completely smoke-free. There is a smoking section in the entrance.
  • Restaurant

    Breakfast time

    7: 00 to 9: 00(Last entry 8: 45)
  • Mini shop corner

    Front desk front.
    We sell a bit of candy, snacks, cup noodles etc.

    We also distribute brochures and maps.
  • Laundry room

    ●Free washing machine·Dryer
    ●Two detergent vending machines 100 yen
    ●trouser presser
  • First parking lot

    ●About 10 units
    ●Hotel back
  • Second parking lot

    ●15 units (including light 2 units)
    ●Hotel underground
    ●Attention to a steep slope
    ●Up to 175 cm car height
  • Third parking lot

    ●About 9 units
    ●On the other side across the hotel front road, next to the Ohako
    ●One large one is possible (Beforehand contact)
  • Fourth parking lot

    ●About 6 units
    ●On the other side across the hotel front road, next to the 2nd section of the 3rd parking lot

Floor guide

10th floor

Rooms 1101 - 1110 / Laundry room

9th floor

Rooms 1901 to 1910

8th Floor

Rooms 1801 to 1810

7th floor

Rooms 1701 to 1710

6th floor

Rooms 1601 to 1610

5th floor

Rooms 1501 to 1510

4th floor

Room 1401 - Room 1410 / alcohol vending machine / ice making machine / microwave oven

3rd floor

Rooms 1301 to 1310

Second floor

Rooms 1201 to 1210

1st floor

Lobby / front desk / lounge / restaurant / shop corner / soft drinks vending machine / toilet / smoking corner


Second parking lot