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Accommodation Features·Facility

In-house drawing

Hotel Facilities

Smoking is prohibited in this facility.
  • Restaurant

    Breakfast time

    7: 00 to 9: 00(Last entry 8: 45)
  • Mini shop corner

    Front desk front.
    We sell a bit of candy, snacks, cup noodles etc.

    We also distribute brochures and maps.
  • Laundry room

    ●Free washing machine·Dryer
    ●Detergent vending machine 2 pieces 100 yen
    ●trouser presser
    ●Business hours 10:00 to 22:00
  • First parking lot

    ●About 10 units
    ●Hotel back
  • Second parking lot

    ●15 units (including light 2 units)
    ●Hotel underground
    ●Attention to a steep slope
    ●Up to 175 cm car height
  • Third parking lot

    ●About 9 units
    ●On the other side across the hotel front road, next to the Ohako
    ●One large one is possible (Beforehand contact)
  • Fourth parking lot

    ●About 6 units
    ●Meeting across the road in front of the hotel, next to the 2nd section of Third parking lot

Floor guide

10th floor

Rooms 1101 to 1110(Smoking) /Laundry room

9th floor

Rooms 1901 to 1910 (Smoking)

8th Floor

Rooms 1801 to 1810 (Non-smoking)

7th floor

Rooms 1701 to 1710 (Non-smoking)

6th floor

Rooms 1601 to 1610 (Non-smoking)

5th floor

Rooms 1501 to 1510 (Smoking)

4th floor

Rooms 1401 to 1410(Smoking) /Alcohol vending machine / ice maker(Free) /microwave (Free)

3rd floor

Rooms 1301 to 1310 (Non-smoking)

Second floor

Rooms 1201 to 1210 (Smoking)

1st floor

lobby/front desk/Restaurant/Shop corner/Soft drink vending machine/toilet


Second parking lot